Rd 8 Geelong - Mothers Day

Collingwood vs Geelong Sunday 13th May 2018

Geelong 9.12 (66)


Collingwood 5.15 (45)

As the Melbourne weather cleared from the storm on friday and turned on a beautiful Melbourne Sunday morning for our mothers.

The buzz in the room was then filled with sighs, as we were reminded that Pendlebury wouldn't be playing today and Jamie Elliot injured his hamstring the VFL. The “Woodmen Toast” to our mothers filled the room with laughter, and smiles from our mothers in attendance.

We were honoured to have Lord Mayor Candidate Sally Capp, who was Collingwood’s first female board member finishing her outstanding service in 2009 was in attendance and discussed her role as an influential prominent businesswoman in Australia. ”Good Luck Sally”

Member Dean Kruger also surprised his mother Prue, by being able to see her beloved boys from the “Mother’s Day Guard of Honour”. Being usher on to the field in front of the Black and White Army and being there as our boys entered the G for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which is available through the club.

They boys had held out well slowing Geelong’s momentum going in to half time, heading inside, out of what was becoming quite a chilly afternoon. Scones and sandwiches were served as member’s thought we might have a chance to win this. Members were rewarded who returned to the game with 1.1 in the first 5 minutes, resulting in the boys being excited and ready for a game. Sadly that was as close as we could get to the Cats, but a gallant effort by our boys to go down by 21 pts showing we are not a team to take easy, and playing in September is still possible.

Don’t forget the Famous Woodsmen Auction held on Saturday, May 26 at Fenix, down in Richmond, if you haven’t booked your seats get on board and enjoy a great night with great Collingwood supporters.

Next game: Away vs Saints Saturday 19th May at Etihad 7.25pm with Worksafe Community Championship curtain raiser.

Next Home Game: Friday 25th May we host Western Bulldogs 7:50 pm at Etihad with function starting at 5.30pm