Rd 11 Fremantle


Collingwood vs Fremantle Dockers

Pies 21.12 (138)


Dockers 12.5 (77)

Here we come! We can all feel it

The Melbourne weather has been perfect for us lately, a slight winter chill but the sun was out great day for the Woodmen Family Day , perfect chance for us to celebrate the Woodsmen with our families, it was great to see so many kids getting involved proving that the Woodmen legacy will continue for years to come.

Bella celebrated her “Woodsmen part of her birthday festival” that has been going on for days You go girl!

We also celebrated the plaque presentation to the Polidono boys, adding to the great support shown by the family, Keep up the good work and remember we have Junior Woodsmen Membership available, the best way to keep the Woodsmen going for years to come.

Tricky Nicky one of Melbourne finest magicians was on hand to show us a few tricks and play with our minds, just before the game, with some great illusions to keep us entertained. Guest speaker, golfer Mark Allen who in 1990 decided it was time to turn pro shooting off a handicap of 5 but never tapped in to his talent and was unable to win a single tournament until a last minute saving grace by his Dad, flying him to Perth for a tournament and after a big night out and arriving still a tad under Mark proved the one thing we all know the less we think the more we drink the better our golf is.

The match started and off our beloved boys went in to battle and right from the start we proved to be the far superior team on the day, taking it up to them in defence and our forwards proved too strong with Phillips and Steele both getting over 35 touches proved we are finals contender.

Brody Mihocek played game one and proving hard work as a mature aged recruit does pay off and hopefully he can continue his impact at the pies.

Final siren sounded with Pies burying the Dockers by huge 61pts proving again we are moving forward and we are the real deal.

Next Game: MND Round vs Demons “Watch the big Freeze all coaches involved”

Next Woodsmen Function: Sunday 24th June vs Blues “Our Old Enemies”