Melbourne Queens Birthday


Collingwood vs Melbourne

15.8 def 7.15


What a day, and a great tribute to all with MND. Thanks to the fantastic efforts of the great Neale Daniher, and in typical Woodsmen fashion cause we all love a charity and an underdog, every Woodsmen purchasing the now famous beanie selling over 100, to get the day started.

We had comic Titus O'Reily who made us laugh and think about our friends as we all have the mate that wants to get married on Grand Final day only because the chapel is free..... No real pie would even think about that for the next couple of years at least. Amusing man that has a regular show click on the click to see him again.

Then came the villain, love him or hate him. Sam Newman, delivering everything we want from him, factual, precise, controversial and open. Sam was happy to discuss all the current controversial subjects with his candid but open responses, but that's why we love him. Sam wears his heart on his sleeve and willing to chat with anyone about anything, but we did learn one thing! He knows how to tell a story.

The game started slowly with Stephenson kick our first couple, and Melbourne started to struggle. We got back to the old style of footy we have missed for the last couple of weeks, and our muscle started to shine through, and by quarter time we started to consolidate the lead and kept them at bay, might have been different if they could kick straight.

Don't forget to look out for items that we can use for the auction. The experiences that sell well are holiday homes or unique items that money cannot buy, so if you have any ideas and items that can be sold, please be in touch.

Who wouldn't want to win $10,000 we have a lucky number draw that members can buy and you can even collect a lazy $500 each week

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Next Function: Vs NORTH MELBOURNE at MARVEL 29th June doors open 5.30pm