The Woodsmen are Collingwood’s longest-standing and most famous coterie.
The group was formed in 1975, as one of the first acts of new President Ern Clarke, who had been elected in December 1974. By early 1975, founding coordinator Bruce Patchell had signed up 25 wealthy businessmen who were all passionate Magpie fans.
The major purpose of the group was to raise money for the Club – especially to help fund the signing of new recruits, and to better look after existing players.
To that end, members contributed a joining fee, and annual fees on top of that. The Woodsmen also ran major fundraising social functions, including the annual Banquet Auction and Grand Final breakfasts or dinners.
They also became famous for their post-match functions at Victoria Park, with members crammed into a small room underneath the Ryder Stand.
As the group grew in size, their social functions became some of the best on the Collingwood calendar. And their fundraising influence increased too, becoming hugely significant contributors of funds to Club coffers.
In all, it is estimated that, over the past 50 years, The Woodsmen have raised more than $10,000,000 for the Collingwood Football Club. It is a staggering figure.
Those funds have helped support players, improve Club facilities and supported the Club in many other ventures.
Today, The Woodsmen remain a vital and active part of the Collingwood family. The Woodsmen are the major sponsors of the Collingwood Past Players Association and they remain a major source for fund-raising, but just as importantly are a vibrant and passionate social group, drawn together and continuing to grow through their love of the Collingwood Football Club.


Established in 1975, The Woodsmen are the official Coterie of the Collingwood Football Club.

Woodsmen members come from a variety of areas and include leading business identities, entrepreneurs and corporate executives who all share the common bond of passionately supporting the Collingwood Football Club.

Come and join us and be part of the ultimate football experience by showing your support for Collingwood on game day and at exclusive Woodsmen functions during the year.

Andrew Jones

Woodsmen Chairman