Terms and Conditions


  1. Membership
    The Woodsmen is the official coterie of the Collingwood Football Club (hereinafter referred to as The Club) and its members as such subscribe to its role as set out in The Woodsmen Charter granted by the Club on the 11th day of June 1985. Membership of the Woodsmen is restricted to 100 persons, including the Executive. In addition there will be such number of Life Members, Honorary Members, Interstate and Restricted Game Members, as are appointed from time to time. Application for membership of The Woodsmen shall be approved by a Committee comprising the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of The Woodsmen.
  2. Executive
    The Executive of The Woodsmen shall be: A) The President who shall be the President of the Club. B) The Chairman who shall be appointed by the Board of the Club. C) The Secretary and Treasurer who shall be appointed by the Board of the Club. D) Three members each of whom shall be elected by the members at The Woodsmen’s AGM.
  3. Membership Categories
    There are five categories of Woodsmen membership; Full Member, Single Member, Interstate or Restricted Games Member, Life Member and Honorary Member.
  4. Annual Subscription
    The annual subscription shall be confirmed by the Executive of The Woodsmen at the end of each football season and until otherwise agreed shall be; Full Membership – $7,000.00 plus GST. Single Membership – $5,300.00 plus GST. Interstate Games Membership – $2,600.00 plus GST. The annual subscription is due and payable by March 1st each year. Payment shall be made by cash, bank transfer into the Woodsmen account, cheque or credit card. Credit card payment of the annual fees will incur the standard transaction fee. The Secretary must be notified by each member of their intention to continue membership of The Woodsmen by December 1st each year, so that the membership numbers can be adjusted. Any member who has not paid by the specified due dates, or whose debts incurred to The Woodsmen during the previous year remain unpaid by December 1st shall automatically be deemed to be removed from The Woodsmen membership and no reinstatement shall be made except by a resolution passed by the Executive of The Woodsmen exercising sole discretion in the matter.
  5. Entry Fee
    An entry fee is no longer payable
  6. Dress Code
    The standard of dress required of members and their guests, on match days, shall be jackets and tie for the men and lounge attire for the women. No denim allowable.
  7. General Conduct
    A high and proper standard of behavior is expected from members and their guests at all times within The Woodsmen’s room and the seating area. No alcohol shall be taken to or consumed in The Woodsmen’s seating area during matches. Should the Chairman or Secretary receive a complaint from a member on the behavior of another member either may require the member to withdraw from The Woodsmen’s room and seating area. In the event of a serious complaint the Executive shall consider at its next meeting whether the member concerned has their membership of The Woodsmen withdrawn.
  8. Minors
    During match day functions no person under the age of 18 years shall be permitted in The Woodsmen’s room. After the match members and guests children, under 18 years, are welcome into the Woodsmen room. Seating will be provided for children, of members and their guests, in our section on home match days.
  9. Accounts
    It is the member’s responsibility to ensure all charges incurred on their account are settled in full by the due dates. Bank Transfer and credit card facilities shall be available to members and all monies due to The Woodsmen shall be paid by members within 14 days of receiving an invoice. Accounts shall be under the authority of the Executive of The Woodsmen. Audited balance sheet and income and expenditure statement shall be prepared by November 30th 25 each year. Books, accounts and supporting documentation of The Woodsmen shall be audited each year by the auditors of the Club. The books and records shall be made available for inspection by the Club and a balance sheet and statement of income and expenditure made available to the Club upon request by the Club. The Club may request in writing to receive periodic income and other accounting statements, such requests shall be promptly met.
  10. Member’s Financial Responsibility
    All members shall support financially, whenever possible in person, the various revenue producing functions arranged by The Woodsmen. Members who in the opinion of the Executive are not meeting this responsibility shall have their ongoing membership reviewed.
  11. Member’s Entitlements
    A member having paid the annual subscription is entitled to: Full Member A) Two match day entry tickets/passes and car parking space B) Entry to the designated dining room and reserved seating area at all home games, for the member and one guest. Single Member A) One match day membership ticket/pass and car parking space B) Entry to the designated dining room and reserved seating area at all home games for the member. Interstate or Restricted Games Member A) Can attend three home matches per season with one guest. Two match day entry tickets/passes will be provided. B) Entry to the designated dining room and reserved seating area at three home games for the member and one guest. Attending additional games will be at guest charge Life and Honorary Members C) Two match day entry tickets/passes and car parking space D) Entry to the designated dining room and reserved seating area at all home games, for the member and one guest. Finals tickets subject to availability shall be supplied at ruling prices, upon application, for finals matches in which the Collingwood team is participating. When not participating, applications for finals tickets shall be allocated in a manner determined by the Executive, typically a ballot if oversubscribed.
  12. Life Membership
    The Executive may from time to time recommend to the Board of the Club that a member be made a life member of The Woodsmen. Such members shall be a member of The Woodsmen who has rendered outstanding service to The Woodsmen and/or The Club. A member on being made a life member will have all the entitlements of a Full Member of The Woodsmen for life, without the requirement to pay any further annual subscription.
  13. Guests
    A Member can bring additional guests to a home match for an additional charge. The charge for additional guests shall be determined by the Executive of The Woodsmen prior to the start of each season. The charge per guest is $350.00, inclusive of GST.
  14. Attendance at Home Games
    Members shall notify the Secretary of their attention to attend home matches, with or without guests, before 5.00pm on the Monday preceding the next Home game. Attendance by members and their guests will be assigned in order of receipt of applications.
  15. Annual Meeting
    The annual meeting of The Woodsmen shall be held on the first Tuesday in December. The quorum shall be 20 members. If within half an hour from the time appointed for the annual meeting, or any general meeting of The Woodsmen, and a quorum is not present the meeting shall be adjourned to the same day in the next week at the same time and place. If at that adjourned meeting such quorum is not present those members who are present shall be a quorum and may conduct the business for which the meeting was called.